Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diane weighs in

**Adrift's very own Diane Wilson has a thing or two to say about the BP spill and all the other offenses against our sea:
There are politicians out there -- we've all heard them -- who say this oil spill is just one accident and one accident does not a case make. Heck, one plane crashes and you don't stop flying, do ya? Well, this isn't just one accident. This is the biggest flame among the thousands of fires set by Corporate America on its Sherman-like march across the Gulf.

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Truth Ferret said...

If I had a boatload of money, I would be erecting so many wind turbines and selling cheap, renewable energy that it would make people's heads spin. Solar panels would be put on all the buildings and electric cars would be affordable and chic to own.

Until we get away from fossil fuels we are going the way of the dinasours--big, lumbering and soon to be extint. Mother Nature is pissed and she's about fed up with our raping and pilfering of her. Earthquakes, mudslides, anyone?

Edith Ann said...

I realize this sounds very simplistic, but is there such a thing as vacuum truck that can be sent out to suck up the oil? I know that doesn't fix the escaping oil, but it would help on the environmental front, wouldn't it?

This is the legacy of having oilmen in the White House.

Truth Ferret said...

I've seen an advertisement on tv lately and it's Mother Nature talking to a girl in a boat with rapids coming up....and the girl is comfortable that the "product" she is using can stop any leaks.

Now, not trying to be too graphic, maybe a HUGE PLUG like ladies use, might just slow down that flood. Heck, I know it's farfetched, but at least I realize it won't work, not like BP and their stupid ideas.