Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brethren, ye are born to die

Nothing like a little jaunt around the **Adrift waterfront to remind us of the great cycle of life. The dead gar hanging on the pole put me in mind of a low-rent Damien Hirst piece, but grittier. The flies and the vulture know what it's all about. Something's waiting for them, too. Nothing is wasted in the bay.

And in the midst of death there is life; this is the weekend of Shrimpfest, our major civic celebration. It starts Friday night and goes on pretty much all of Saturday. They street-fair food is usually great, and the various pageants and contests are a sight to see. Regrettably, the Water Safari has been postponed until July, so there will be no sitting at the pavilion waiting for the boats to come in.
From the Shrimpfest Facebook page: "Tell everyone! Shrimpfest Seadrift, Texas June 11 & 12 / $5 Gate Fee. Volleyball tourney, softball tourney, horseshoes & washers tourney, beauty pageants, karaoke contests, tin boat races, seafood cook off & more. Entertain the entire family all day Sat. "

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