Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, in the last week I've covered fifteen hundred miles. More time out on the plains. I went to a 50th class reunion in Fort Sumner, N.M. Had a fine time, saw some people I've always considered friends but haven't seen for a half century. Stayed with a guy who's been a great friend since maybe 1953.
As an added bonus, I learned about a Web site that you can use to swap books with people all over the place. Go look at it at
My devotion to full and frank disclosure requires me to report that I was one of three nominees for 'Most Changed' on the male side. I can happily report that I lost. I think maybe my beard wasn't yet white back in the Fifties.
Sunday morning I was sitting smoking a cigar and got a call from a piratical friend who was about to get on the ferry to go out to see Fort Sumter, site of the first shots of the late unpleasantness. So, there we were all forted up two-thirds of a continent apart. I must report that New Mexico air makes happy my old bones, all dry as it is.
Things happened in my absence, the most interesting of which was the revelation that the phones in the Victoria County jail weren't secure for attorney-client communications. My primo, a public defender in El Paso, commented, 'We just went through that here. It's illegal in two different ways.
'Only cure is a warrant.'
And that for that. An old and dear who edits the house organ of the state defense lawyers' org also had the story posted, so Victoria got some attention in the lawyer trade.

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