Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gooool! USA 1, Algeria 0, TimeWarner –10

For some reason, we got into the World Cup this year and have been watching matches for two or three days, enough to understand some of the pleasure. Yesterday, between the morning and afternoon matches, ESPN and ESPN2 disappeared from our TV stations. No World Cup. Seems TimeWarner just shut them down. I watched this afternoon's USA game on streaming Univision, which offers distractions and a small screen.
It sorta tore things for us with TW, an ongoing stone in our metaphorical shoe. Last fall, they somehow lost the last game of the World Series, and stations disappear all too often. We decided to cancel, and herself tried, first by e-mail, which is disallowed, then by phone, which is futile. After four or five stabs involving long waits, she finally got a human. Said human wanted her to present at Corpus, about 80 miles away, with some paperwork we didn't have. We get maybe three or four dozen channels when we get them and habitually watch about six of them. Mostly, chugging through channels, I see trashy people sitting around pools or in hot tubs making inane conversation and ogling each other. Then there are the bogus science shows, where the narrator says stuff like, 'Some say the noise may have been made by the creature' or 'Science hasn't yet determined ... [whatever goofy idea they're hawking].' We're still not disconnected, but we'll figure out how to do it. Then we may just live cable-free for a while and see how it feels. TimeWarner sux.
Addendum from the primo having his own TW problems out in the West Texas town of El Paso: 'Numerous phone calls, 3 days waiting for them to arrive to turn on service, and 2 trips to tw offices by biggs field. No service yet. Grrr.'


UnrulyGurl said...

Trying to cancel a service can be one of the most unpleasant experiences. The call centers are set up not to let customers go. It's a disgrace.

Sugar Magnolia said...

You bet TimeWarner sux!

Go with DirecTV satellite, HD on so many channels. NEVER a disappointment, and great customer service (it's true!).

I LOVE my satellite. I would never go back to cable no matter how many promises they made me.

Pilot said...

Cable companies are like banks, in that they seem to change names regularly.......our Time Warner sold out to Comcast, and the service improved immeasurably. That said, Miss Sugar obviously has experienced the gratification that comes with having the head end dish nailed or bolted to your place of abode and being able to fire the cable company...