Thursday, January 21, 2010

Victoria Friends of the Library sale

The Friends sale runs for another couple days, library hours. I wandered through today and picked up a Saul Bellow I read a long time ago, a biography of brothers Wilson and Addison Mizner, a Margaret Maron mystery, and a big book on needlepointing for the girl, who's been doing that sort of matronly thing lately. There's always some kind of great deal at the Friends sale.

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Truth Ferret said...

Went to the library sale Wednesday and racked up a mini-library for the sweet little one. He was so good in the stroller, while his mom checked out the bins under the tables and I checked out the treasures above. A box of books went home with him. He loves books already (must be a genetic thing) and by the time he grows into the "new" ones, they'll be many more to keep them company.

I always find "new" authors at the book sale. Some I enjoy enough to seek out other writings; while to some I say, "Nice to meet you" and move on to others. I love this inexpensive way to explore the wonderous world of words.

Enjoy reintroducing yourself to your old friends, Loon. Have a great day.