Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pix for Sunday

My wife went on one of those tears we will go on, looking for paintings of people reading. One of her little gems is a print of a Japanese prostitute reading, and that someow set her off. I'm not sure first one exactly qualifies as reading, but it's a pleasing picture. This painting is by a Brazilian named José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior, a 19th-Century painter. This is the painter and his model as she takes a break from posing. You can noodle around and find more Júnior paintings … they are nice looks at people, let you really see them.

This one is by Anders Zorn, 1860-1920, a Swedish painter. Anders's wife, Emma, is the subject. Looks like José had a livelier studio. Emma looks a little grim.

And this a peach blossom out in the back yard, Today this little tree has two pretty little blooms. I consider this another example of optimism triumphing over good sense. Pretty sure the tree will get nipped by a freeze before too long but admire it nonetheless for popping them out.


Truth Ferret said...

Thanks for widening my appreciation of reading. It is one of my addiction. Cracking open a brand new book and reading that first sentence still give me a thrill...

Your picture of the bloom reminds me of spotting the first crocus in the snow. My mom would get so excited at the prospect of gentler weather in the near future. Hope springs eternal, doesn't it ?

The Loon said...

Now we're up to three blossoms on the peach, and meanwhile, the kaffir lime sits blasted by the freeze. Hope it comes back.