Sunday, January 24, 2010


From comments today on the Vicad's church desecration story:

"Jail is not enough! Castorate these men so they will not be able to
pass on their demon seed! "

" Meth addicts runs ramped there and so does crime."
I can add nothing.


Pilot said...

Ramped, eh? See, you remarked on that one, while I have taken your advice to not let them get to me like that. As far as "castorate", in might be that they were referring to having their "mawmaw" to force castor oil upon them. Then on the other hand, they could have been envisioning that they truly would have enjoyed using that portable green guillotine present in most offices, to exact punishment on the people in question. It's always so difficult to decipher the thought of less than literate rednecks.....ain't that right?

The Loon said...

Actually, herself sent those to me; I didn't winkle them out on my own. I considered the castor oil explanation. ODs of castor oil might be punishment enough. Didn't the Italian fascists force castor oil down the throats of political opponents?

Edith Ann said...

Do you think they should take the time to conversate with the culprit before they castorate them?

Re: the meth addicts, I have picture in my head of a drug rehab facility designed with something like a dog run, but with on and off ramps added for ease of access.