Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, a time devoted to gluttony and not really a time that they try to sell you anything you didn't really want to buy anyhow. A grand success today, with three kinds of wine and four kinds of guests, all well matched – an artist kind of friend and charming wife and a historian kind of friend and engaging ladyfriend, and all entertaining in different ways. My piratical buddy even dropped in and took a copita with us. He was steaming because the Vicad today was $1.50 by the single copy. The editor's rationale was that it was just a great value today because of all those wonderful ads or something like that. Betcha lots of people went to the paper machines with their customary couple quarters and were annoyed to find that they needed more.
We ate the traditional things with only a few kinks and quirks – green beans were seared with garlic and red pepper flakes and the cranberry sauce was a chutney. I made a tub of absolutely traditional cornbread dressing, something I dearly love, and found a fellow zealot among the guests. Between us, we put a pretty good hurt on the dressing. Two kinds of dessert – little pumpkin tarts and some killer pecan-pie muffins. We are grateful for plenty of food and vino and the digestion to enjoy it, for gorgeous days when it's snowing in Chicago, and for friends. I even smoked a contraband Cuban Romeo y Julieta afterward. I hope everyone's day was as pleasant as ours.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

'Twas a fine day indeed for us as well. Had folks from the northern fringes (of Houston and Conroe, that is) down and ate too much, and had a most enjoyable poker game to boot. I won't even go into the smorgasbord we had; I am embarrassed by the amount of food present. But all of it was delicious and worth the hard work. You know how it is when three generation of women take over the kitchen - lots of laughter, hip bumping, and joy.

A wonderful day.