Thursday, November 5, 2009

More bird stories

We live by a wooded watercourse, and there are some neat birds hanging around in it. Wife said the other night she stepped out quite late with a dog and looked up to the utility pole where I took pic of the vulture. She said there was a big ol horned owl up there watching the faunal traffic underneath the street light. We have lots of owls, both little screechy ones and the big ones. Horned owl against the sky looks about the size of a garbage can.
Another resident in the woods lately has been a good-sized hawk of some flavor. Haven't caught it sitting to determine exactly what it is. My neighbor said the other day he was outside chatting with a friend when the hawk swooped down on his pup, Prissy, a Chihuahua about the size for a meal for a big hawk. He said he hollered and Prissy squealed, and the hawk let go and went on.
Been perfect weather here in paradise; I hope it continues. This weekend is Breeders' Cup Day, so we'll go up to San Antonio for the holy rites and observances. It's always great racing, the best horses in the world. Two years ago we watched the simulcasts at MaroƱas, the racetrack in Montevideo. I even won a couple of bucks.

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