Friday, November 6, 2009

Bye bye jobs

A note on sfnblog about some migration from Canada to India … unfortunately it's jobs doing the migrating as the Toronto Star sends some newsroom staff work to Asia.
The parent company of Canada's most widely read newspaper yesterday announced it would ship more than 100 newspaper jobs overseas, Bloomberg reported. The announcement comes even as Torstar Corp. today posted third quarter gains, according to Editor & Publisher.

Read the story here. I don't see how non-native speakers of a vernacular language can possibly catch nuances of usage. I worked for a lot of years for a typesetting house in Austin that did wonderful work, the finest composition for university presses and textbook publishers. Eventually the jobs went to India, and the company no longer exists. The quest for cheap labor is a curse of the modern world.


Pilot said...

Yes, but cheap labor is more justifiable, and socially acceptable than slave labor. All said, I suppose it is better for me to say that my job was taken by someone who works for less money, than someone who was enslaved. As long as you pay them something, it's legit, right?

oompah-ma said...

And since nobody cares about quality work anymore, that just about seals the fate of skilled American labor, doesn't it?