Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Punch-up in the newsroom

There's a wonderful story growing at the Washington Post, an actual fistfight in the newsroom involving an older editor and a sensitive reporter with a hyphenated name defending the honor of the WaPo's version of Little Me. Ya gotta read it to appreciate it, but suffice to say it was the last happy act of an old-time news guy against the incursions of the dreary new breed. Read it all here on Rumors on the Internets and hope that editor Henry Allen finds some sort of niche elsewhere. We need his kind as a bulwark against horrible writing.


Pilot said...

I can't help but make the comparison of the WAPO neophytes, to a local bunch that shall remain unnamed. Somehow though, I can't think of any current staffers or part-timers with the mettle to take a poke at anyone there. I'd guess that a couple of the departed true columnists and newspaper veterans, maybe gave it a thought if not before, surely after they were dismissed.

rumorsontheinternets said...

Thanks for the link, GBL.

I refer anyone interested in this story to Gene Weingarten's awesome follow-up...and he's not afraid to name his own nominee for "Worst Post Story Ever."


Edith Ann said...

Oh my God! this is hysterical! this is the funniest damn thing I have seen in ages. Are we certain that Monica Hess and Aprill Brndon are not the same person. You know, with the wedding stuff and all?

Nobody locally is punching anyone--they are all a bunch of pansies. That wimp Justin had them in line, didn't he?

Sugar Magnolia said...

Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mr. Allen, come down here NOW - WE NEED YOU!! I would promise you my firstborn (if I had one) - ok, my left arm, anyway - if I could witness a knock-down drag-out in the VicAd pressroom. PLEASE come down here and put a few people in their place.

Edith Ann - could it be possible APRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL has a twin, or a clone????? What worthless lumps of SH!T the newer generation of newspaper "journalists" have turned out to be. And all this time I thought it was just around here! My GAWD we need someone like Henry Allen to whip them into shape! I LOVED this article!

Edith Ann said...


I have a first born who is left handed. Want to see if they'll take him?