Friday, November 20, 2009

Carlos G

I knew a guy, Aggie chemist by education, who was in Argentina during WWII, sent to gather intelligence on possible German doings down there. Carlos Gardel was killed in a plane crash in Colombia in 1935, but the guy said that Porteños would say, '¿Por qúe te fuites, Carlitos?' [they say fuites instead of fuiste, I guess, because they talk funny Spanish in Buenos Aires.] Even now, 70 years after his death, Gardel is an icon in the city. You see his image all around. Do you think that in 2040 people will still be going to Graceland?
Listen to him singing 'Mi Buenos Aires Querido,' a beautiful song to his city.
And here, just because I found it, is a couple in a movie dancing to 'La Cumparsita.'

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