Saturday, November 21, 2009


The e-mail footnote that makes me immediately hit 'delete':
Send this message to at least 5 people and your life will improve
0-4 people: your life improves slightly.
5-9 people: your life improves according to your expectations !
9-14 people: you ' ll have at least 5 surprises in the next 3 weeks.
15 or more people: your life improves drastically and your dreams start to take shape.


Edith Ann said...

Before you delete, 'reply to all'.

They will soon get the message.

the girl said...


Kari said...

We got one with the image of Christ on a potato peel type photo and an anecdote about how someone who had NOT sent this photo on to ten people had died. I felt I had acquired the power over my own death when I hit that delete key!

The Loon said...

Kari, you made me laugh. Forget 'do not resuscitate,' just hit delete.

Pilot said...

1-5 people - you only lose credibility 5 times max

6-10 people - ditto, max 10

generally, if I receive something with such a claim at the end, and it is something I feel is really worth sharing, I just strip the crap away and send it with only the relevant part left.
So for those (including relatives) who read it here, I would appreciate it if you would delete the footnotes as well, if it is something that you'd think I'll like otherwise. But I'd rather not be a party to your fantasy. People who send such items to me with the send to at least...... as far as I am concerned are on a level with telemarketers and televangelists. Clicking your heels together and saying there's no place like home, will get you no closer to home...