Saturday, October 31, 2009

An old profession offers new opportunities … Arrrgh

Tom Sawyer would be happy to see the present-day possibilities in the pirate trade. There is piracy all over the globe, though most commonly off the Horn of Africa and on into the Indian Ocean. Here is a Slate story about the Brits negotiating with Somali pirates who've grabbed a British couple.
And here is the Weekly Piracy Report from ICC Commercial Crime Services.
And if you want to see the geographical distribution of piracy, here is a map of pirate attacks. You can click on the pointers and get details of attacks. A lot of it sounds like petty thievery carried out in port.
Better future in piracy than print journalism, plus there remains some public regard for pirates.


Edith Ann said...

My oldest is almost 30, and he wants to be a pirate. He's not mean, he is just adventurous. Fancies himself buying and sailing a pirate ship one day.

I think he needs to stick with his day job, but I appreciate his dreaming.

Pilot said...

Right under my nose all along hmm......guess it's the old can't see the forest for the trees, or if it had been a snake it woulda bit me.
I'm gonna need a bigger boat and a crew though.

Edith Ann said...

I'll tell my son...

River said...

Check out John McPhee's book "Looking for a Ship" (if you haven't already). Or at least the chapter where he lists a single day's pirate attacks around the globe. A little dated now, probably 15 years or more, but still pretty scary stuff.

The Loon said...

Mike – You can sign EA's son as crew. Might try raiding oyster boats in the **Adrift harbor. A million of them down there.
River – I'll keep one eye out for the McPhee book; I generally like his stuff.