Monday, October 19, 2009

My favorite paleocon

Pat Buchanan tickles me; about half the time he seems dingdong loony and about half the time he's dead on with his observations and proposals. He writes:
If jobs are available in the United States, Americans should go to the front of the line to get them, ahead of illegal aliens. And as there are six Americans out of work for every job opening, it is time to call a moratorium on immigration. Why are we bringing into the United States over a million legal immigrants a year to compete for jobs against 15 million to 25 million Americans who can't find work or full-time jobs to take care of their families?
Who is America for – if not for Americans first?

You can read the rest of this column here. He also disapproves of our foreign adventures and mucking about in places where we have no business.

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