Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fire the copywriter

Noodling around, I came across a little site for tourism in Morelos, Coahuila, that brought a smile:

To satiate the palate, there is goat, tripe and sweet caramels with walnuts.

Think that's gonna pull in the foodie tourists? Let me note that I am fond of goat and of tripe and certainly have nothing against sweet caramels with walnuts, but somehow the juxtaposition of the three is jarring in some real basic way. Not the three courses in my Platonic meal. If you ever thought you might like a visit to Morelos, Coahuila, go here and think about it. Looks like they run match races with quarterhorses. That might be interesting.
Maybe eighteen, twenty years ago when I was wasting a lot of time at Manor Downs, little quarterhorse track outside of Austin. I was watching a card of qualifying races for some futurity, deal where they may run eleven races with ten horses per race to find the fastest ten qualifiers for a race for a big purse in a couple of weeks. A race opened that had one horse in the porgram showing no form at all – no past races, no workouts, owners from down in the Valley, which was usually taken to mean doper money behind it. Horse opened at something like 15-to-1, proper odds from its record. In no time, it dropped to short-priced favorite, something like 7-to-5. The race ran, the mystery horse won, and I went looking for a friend with shedrow connections to find out what the hell. He said, 'Oh, that horse's been winning match races on airstrips on ranches all over northern Mexico.' Ahhhh. That won't be in the program.

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