Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Town Hall Meeting!

Pore ol Vicad's been touting the meeting to discuss the relative credibility of on-line and print publication. Bunch of peasants with pitchforks intended to go to ask questions about other problems. My wife even intended to go but decided she didn't want to make the drive to town. We figured we could watch the livestreamed cast of the meeting and know what was happening. When we dialed it in, there were a total of four watching. Then the cast wouldn't cast, so they just gave up. I don't know whether to cringe or snicker … is there a word for that sensation? This round goes to print, simply because a paper doesn't suddenly fade in your hands and become illegible. I trust someone who attended will file a report on a blog.


Edith Ann said...


It was very well attended. There were about a dozen from the Advocate, Macarena Hernandez's entire class, a handful of assorted folks, John Roberts AND Kay McHaney, who I must say, looked terribly sad, and the ex-pats and company.

We were able to view slides that had incomplete statistics, hear Chris Cobler use a whole lot of words to not say very much and we got to hear the new prof talk a who lot about the Dalls Morning News.

They gave away mugs, cookie and punch and asked for our email addresses, to follow up with us. Right.

Honestly you didn't miss much, but you already knew that. They taped the event and it will be online in the morning, edited, I'm sure...

Edith Ann said...

Check the following for more complete reports on this event:





Sugar Magnolia said...

Yep, the taped, edited version being key here, since the live feed at UH-V conveniently "went out". How about that? That "cringe or snicker" feeling you have....."cricker", shall we say....well there's a reason for that. I tell you, that cast of characters is about as slick as they come. But you already knew that. Not to mention the "professor" they have in their back pockets along with their wallet, the "endowed" one (and I'm not referencing Cobler's physique). Ah, yes, the former reporter for the Dallas paper (let's all bow in her presence now) and her young, impressionable proteges.

Excuse me, do I sound bitter? Let down? Disappointed? I know I shouldn't be - it was pretty much what I expected; spin, baby, spin.

I can't be objective right now. It was what it was, and what it was, was a farce. Surprise, surprise.

The Loon said...

I look forward to being able to see the cast in the morning, edited, of course, for clarity and like that. Started looking for blog posts from y'all about 9:30, but nothing's up yet. I salute your optimism for going out to the Free Town Hall Meeting.

Pilot said...

I'm still saddle sore from the ride down and back. Mr. Cobler is a master at taking a question asked on a winding journey, so that the beef that went in the grinder, comes out as pork sausage. I went prepared to ask questions on the editing process that allows such a flawed product to hit the streets.......will try to offer up a personal theory on that tomorrow....
It was a real treat to meet the folks I did and put faces and voices with names and avatars and blog personnas.

Edith Ann said...

Truth, Sugar,
The Advocate story is up, but alas, none of your accurate and insightful observations were included.

What a shame. Would have made for great comments.

Oh well.