Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health arguments

The Times of London had a posting about the health-care argument here in America. Comments, mostly pro-national health care, were fascinating:
As a Brit living in America, I have to say I'd love to have the NHS here. I am paying over $700 a month for insurance for myself, my wife and son. And even after all that we are responsible for the first $3000 claimed per year per person. $700 is about 1/4rd of my monthly income. No wonder a large percentage of personal bankruptcies are as a result of health care costs!

American healthcare is fantastic, but only if you have insurance. Try telling the 47 million without insurance what a good system they have, as they struggle to afford even a single doctor visit. … The NHS isn't perfect, but its a damn sight better than the American system. I've experienced both systems, and the NHS beats U.S. healthcare hands down.

… Remember Britain isn't the country where a person in a car crash has to pay for the ambulance that picked them up.

Read all of them here. I've got to the point of averting my eyes from the TV footage of people screaming at their representatives. It's painful to see such dynamic stupidity on display. We've had a couple more benefits here lately to raise money for people needing it for health emergencies. Civilized countries don't force working citizens to sell brisket plates to pay for chemo.


chats said...

Amen, brother. Make mine brisket.

Anonymous said...
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