Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old, old crime story

Just to show that any newspaper has some saving grace, I give you the 'Tales from the Morgue' blog by Trish Long, the archivist at the El Paso Times, in a lookback on a Wes Hardin escapade published May 2, 1895. In part:
El Paso is no Longer Bad Medicine as it Were
Last night a quiet game was opened up in the Gem building and the game was moving along smoothly when a visitor to the city dropped into the game and commenced losing and was behind a nice little sum when a dispute arose between the dealer and the stranger. The stranger with the remark: “Since you are trying to be so cute, just hand over the money I have lost here,” placed the muzzle of a ferocious looking pistol in the dealer’s face. …

Read all the story here. Old John Selman killed Hardin Aug. 19 at the Acme Saloon, per the Handbook of Texas Online. Newspaper librarians know things you don't.

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