Friday, August 7, 2009

Hard times

The big dry we are living through impels some of our little critters in closer. We try to remember to keep water in the birdbaths out back. If I were a truly decent person, I'd keep a large dishpan full in the back yard. A skittish neighbor reported last week that a skunk was nosing around outside their house. I told him I expect our elegant little friend was simply looking for a drink and some dinner. The possum is a baby yet and still kinda cute in a rat-like way. He was dining on the vermin chow on the front porch and maybe looking for a sip of water. A grown possum is a pretty unattractive creature and certainly one of nature's dumbest children. It's amazing that the species has survived for so long, innit? Notwithstanding, it's fun to see them.

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Kari said...

We keep a large bowl full of water in our backyard. Every morning there is a very dirty half-inch of water left. I think the possums and raccoons are trying to bathe in it at night to get cool, poor little things. I like your baby possum ~ great photo catch!