Monday, August 24, 2009

Mon morn misc

Last Wed I ate lunch with Abe Cochran, Rusty Hooks of the Vicad blogs. It was fun; we've been talking about it for maybe four years. Then, Fri evening we had as dinner guests Mad Mike Austin, the Pilot of the Vicad blogs, plus his ladyfriend, a charming companion. It was likewise fun. It occurs to me that I have Vicad blogging to thank for both the occasions and can properly regard both the blogs as children of my own Vicad blog.
It comes out that Elmer Kelton died Saturday at the age of 83. It was not a hot news crawl on the cable channels nor did Channel Zero mention it that I caught. Nonetheless, we could lose a Michael Jackson every Sat from now until 2010 and not do as much damage to the real health of the arts and letters of our republic as we suffered from the loss of Kelton. He was a wonderful stylist, an honest and affectionate chronicler of a place and a people, and a nice man to boot.
This morning there were school buses rumbling around and little voices shrilling in our village – the first day of school. Sorry herself wasn't here to gloat that she's not teaching any longer.


Kari said...

Please tell herself that myself will gloat for her, just in case she wasn't able to. It is simply too wonderful to purely enjoy the beginning of the school year ~ a time of year that I always find so full of promise, excitement, energy, the hope of the first cold front blowing in, those supply boxes full of pencils and crayons ~ to enjoy all of this without having to show up in any way, shape, or form. Just luxuriate in it from afar! Very, very, very afar!

The Loon said...

The afarther the abetter.