Friday, August 14, 2009

Speaking of benefits, & a snicker

So, there I was yesterday, talking about people trying to raise money by selling brisket to finance medical procedures, and this morning the Vicad has in the Crossroads section a story headed 'Barbecue to benefit ailing teen.' Goes on to say that a 14-year-old girl needs $100k to cover med bills to this point. They hope to sell 500 plates at seven bucks a plate. That'll only leave them $96,500 short. So far. We need a genuine national health-care program.
And from the máximo lider at the Vicad newsroom, the big cheese, the editor hisself in his blog, this most damning bit: 'While on vacation in Omaha last month …' Imagine that – vacationing in Omaha. 'Then we all went to Mickey Dee's for a delightful dinner and sat around drinking light beers and listening to John Denver records.' [No. no, I'm making that part up]. Omaha for a vacation … that's just pathetic. Like going to Kenedy County for the skiing or something.


Kari said...

I'm going to The Box Room for my summer vacation. I wonder how that rates on the pathetic scale, or if it's off the scale for fantabulous??

Anonymous said...

Wonder if his iPhone worked in Omaha? :)

The Loon said...

Kari – As the current terms of criticism would have it, it's your narrative, do with it what you want.