Thursday, August 20, 2009

Newspaper stuff

The Vicad promises an end to the Fatal Funnel series, capping all off with an odd selection of speakers. I forget when it happens but expect some will show up like attendees at a Mafia funeral – to make sure the damn thing is finally dead. Friend opines that they will not run out of tickets.
A correspondent corresponds: "On Cobler's blog page he has twitter updates...riveting stuff like 'i just picked up my kids from soccer.'" It is my fearless prediction that Twitter will disappear within 18 months. Too much inanity for anything useful to filter through.
I notice that there's an ad in Journalism Jobs for a reporter for the Vicad. Wonder who bailed?
The paper's nutritionist-columnist had a little thing in the business page recently commending herself for some putative accomplishment in nutrition. I was pleased to read the first column in the paper by a dietitian, who pointed out that 'nutritionist' is like 'therapist,' a meaningless word. QuackWatch, a useful Web site [dealing with quackery, what else?] reads 'Promoters of questionable health practices often form organizations to multiply their effectiveness. How can one tell which groups are reliable and which are not? There is no sure way …" The list of ducky orgs includes the lady's American Association of Integrative Medicine as a dubious outfit. See QuackWatch here.
The board of the South Texas Center for Nutrition Research Therapy recommended Vietnamese pork ribs cooked in fish sauce this evening. It was quite tasty.

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