Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain veep

There are four or five names circulating as likeliest choices for John McC's vice president. Historically an insignificant post, the vice presidensity [yeah, yeah, I know] got fat during the Frat Boy's debacle and will stand important if McCain should win not just for inherent powers but also for the possibility of promotion for the v.p. As someone pointed out, from the way he moves and sometimes seems to drift McCain is apparently in poor health so his vice could well inherit the big chair. Someone suggested Kay Bailey Hutchison last night as a possible, and I was struck by the genius of the idea. All of Hillary's Harridans who are nursing rancor toward Obama could go and vote for a woman for at least something big and important, and I suspect a lot of them would, enough to hurt in a close election. I think with a true-believing feminist that gender trumps everything, even ideology. But what do I know?

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