Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day weekend in **Adrift

We've spent the last couple days watching Gustav with a certain complacency, reasonably certain that he'll land far away from us but not forgetting the last minute right that Rita hung three years ago. That one went for us; the next one could go against us. So we pass the afternoon watching the Weather Channel – old people's porn – with one eye. Gus is at 150 mph right now with gusts up to 175, and that's pretty fierce wind. The streets here are full of out-of-towners, lots of boats in the bay, lots of boat trailers in the parking lot by the boat launch, people down on the waterfront barbecuing and fishing. We have old-and-dears in town for a couple days, connections to a former life in Austin.
McCain picked a woman but not Kay Bailey Hutchison. One of our friends lived a time in Alaska and swears that there will be slime oozing out of the walls about Sarah Palin before too long. Still, an interesting dodge from Johnny Mac. A wingnut conservative blog I check sometimes has about a million ecstatic comments on the choice. And the goo-goos seem to be working themselves into a lather about guns and such. Someone said last night on PBS that it's 70 days until the election. Would that it were over already.

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