Friday, August 22, 2008

More Tribune

From an architecture site:
... [T]he Tribune Tower exemplifies the way American architects have elevated office buildings to sacred status. Newspaper publisher Colonel Robert R. McCormick held a $50,000.00 international competition to design, "the most beautiful and eye-catching office building in the world."

Click through to see some of the tower. WGN's featuring the interior in ads promoting a new format. WGN was owned by the Tribune ... stands for World's Greatest Newspaper. They did that sort of thing back when. Another Chicago station, WLS, was owned by Sears. WLS stood for World's Largest Store. Colonel McCormick was a benevolent autocrat, a man who lived much like an English gentleman and hated the British. One of our standard typefaces at the Trib was called McCormick. All the old-timers spoke of McCormick with great affection. Management would pull something sleazy and the old guys would say 'This wouldn't be happening if the colonel were still alive.' McCormick was a really powerful man in the first half of the last century.

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