Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Vicad's angle

There's been an entertaining run of comments today on the Advocate discussion site over the series rehashing the immigrant deaths back five years ago. One commenter has tumbled to the truth: this series is intended to be entered in the annual AP contests with the hope of winning an award. The new editor seems to set a lot of store by awards judging from the amount of attention he directed to some award they won a couple months back. If readers are annoyed with the stories, it doesn't matter because it wasn't designed for readers ... it's meant for contest judges who won't be quite as tired of the story.


Pilot said...

I actually had one of the Vicad reporters contact me and query me for an upcoming article in the series. I gave Gabe some honest answers based on my take on the immigrant issue. I do agree, that this is probably Victoria's latest "Columbine" or as Andy Warhol said, their fifteen minutes of fame, and that it does appear that the Advocate editor has saddled it up and is going to ride it to the buzzer and maybe beyond. I recall a little chest beating in the past, on accolades and awards given the Newvicad as well. Maybe as with a Vic TV anchor or weathergal, he is in the course of business, padding his resume with trophies, and looking to Corpus, S.A., or points north......or who knows, maybe even to what you have deemed "the world's worst newspaper" in El Paso, with the Vicad as just a stepping stone. Such is the nature of aspiring mixed or fixed media newsfolk. If so, it will be interesting to see what the owners do if faced with an opening at quarterback, huh?

The Loon said...

Like a train wreck, an interesting thing to follow from a distance ... I wouldn't wanna be in the middle of it. Some editors are award-chasers, and awards do make decorations for a résumé.