Monday, May 19, 2008

Speed traps ... or maybe 'Poor Refugio'

A Web site that catalogs speed traps has this comment on the seat of our neighboring county:
Being passed by local traffic but with an out of state tag they got me. This is a dying little town who needs the money and they can not get it local. I looked at the front tires on the police car and they were worn out, would not pass inspection in any state. So just follow the locals and donate your money to this town.

To see the site, click here.

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Pilot said...

Yeah, well.....a good site I s'pose, however futile as far as getting the word out to the masses traveling the country. Shame is that there is no way to "police" the police, until they really screw up and get caught with their pants down, or their hand in the till. One up here on 59 got their pee pee whacked, and if I'm not mistaken, were the impetus for the state law that limits how much a muny kangaroo court can legally keep annually from ticket revenue. I am reasonably certain though, that they pocket a lot of greenbacks from the saps who'll pay, to avoid other legal entanglements as a result of being ticketed, or to keep their insurance(another post in itself)affordable......reckon?