Sunday, May 18, 2008

Enough already

I speak only for myself, but I'm puking tired of politics, and we're not even through the primary season yet. Hillary, with her sense of entitlement, drives me nuts, and nutser yet when she pretends to be anything but an upper-middle class girl who's managed to accumulate a hundred mil and a raft of power, all on the basis of being willing to put up with Bill. A shot-and-a-beer chick she's not and never has been. I'm annoyed that the press has piled on Obama for calling some reporter 'Sweetie.' If that's the greatest offense we can find against him -- and I'm pretty sure it's not even close -- then maybe he should be president. This stink is in a class with the great flag-pin fuss. Any moron can put a pin in the lapel of his coat ... it doesn't necessarily indicate patriotism on the part of the wearer. It could be the evidence of a nice, honest, simple patriotism, but I think mostly on politicians it's opportunistic pandering. I admired him for not wearing one and am sorry that he's started. I'm not cheering for Obama, just booing the press. It's a long way to the general elections in November, and we still have to make it through the Olympics this summer.

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