Thursday, May 1, 2008


We walked down to the corner for lunch today [fried shrimp sandwiches ... right tasty]. On our way back, my wife pointed up to the sky just offshore. 'Look, frigate birds.' And so there were, two of them, just hanging up there like something from the age of dinosaurs. Our neighbor said that they blow in on strong south winds such as we've had lately. Last Sunday while I was doing my daily power amble, I spotted an osprey, the big fish hawk, between the harbor and The Hole. Herself saw the same bird the next morning. Ospreys are magnificent birds and always a buzz to spot. Last evening, a spoonbill cruising over the bay was a moving spot of shocking pink, unmistakable and arresting. Life in **Adrift has many interesting moments.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

When I worked in Port Lavaca, if I had occassion to visit the Formosa nature walk around the bay, I would do so, both for the exercise and the beautiful scenery. I remember thinking those roseate spoonbills were one of the finest pieces of work, their pink and white colors contrasting with the greens and greys and browns of the marsh. I miss those times. Makes me realize I work WAY too much these days and should take the time I once did to appreciate the things that money can't buy. Of course, I will come to work tomorrow and the day after that, and the week after that, and say the same thing again about half a year from now, and swear I will take a day or two off. Can't even remember the last time I took a vacation. SAD. Have a good time on your trip, Mr. Loon and Herself, and enjoy some beautiful sights for me. I suspect you will be achin' for the coast pretty soon, though. Hope the frigates and spoonbills are here to welcome you back.