Sunday, May 25, 2008

G&D for NM

As a kid, I lived through the drought of the 1950s in West Texas and New Mexico. I can remember the day going dark as night when dust storms blew in. You couldn't see across the street. Agriculture suffered terribly. The fine dust would sneak in through tiny cracks and settle on window sills or along the wall. From the World's Worst Newspaper, a story about portents of a rerun:
Environmental experts predict catastrophic drought conditions for Texas and warmer temperatures in New Mexico unless something drastic is done to slow climate change.
"In Texas, we're talking about a dust bowl that will be 20 times more intense and widespread than the one we had (in the United States) in the 1930s," said Jere Locke, outreach coordinator for Environment Texas, an advocacy organization in Austin.

Read the whole thing here. Of course, we can season our understanding of this with the well-known grain of salt, but still ...

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