Thursday, May 29, 2008


Scott McClellan, former press sec to the Frat Boy in Chief, has written a book telling us he is feeling ill used by the administration and aggrieved about all those lies he was duped into feeding the public. Little Scotty, apparently, was driven by nothing more than the wish to be of public service ... he was shocked to learn that the driving force of the administration as personified by Karl Rove [may the porky puddle of puke do time] was to maintain political advantage at all costs. Also, that W came into office thinking a war with Iraq would be a good thing for him to do. A bright relative of mine who worries more over politics than do I insists that W came into office with two aims -- invade Iraq and remove every tax possible on the very rich. By his lights, he has had complete success, which may account for the fact that he seems often baffled by the outcomes of his actions and the general consensus that he is the worst president of American history.

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