Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mexichaos continues

The news from south of the border this week included the murders of two top federal police officials, including the commandant of the federal police force. Think of it as offing the director of the FBI, though that's not a precise analogy. Still ...
And from the World's Worst Newspaper, more of carnage on the border:
A gunbattle on the Avenida Juárez tourist strip left two men dead and wounded five others, including three bicycle police officers, as part of a resurgence of violence in Juárez.

Avenida Juarez is the continuation of the street that crosses the big downtown bridge. People used to duck over the old, low bridge for lunch, but the new one and the hassles of getting through customs have long since ended that pleasant custom. Read all here. And, I saw somewhere that Chapo Guzman's son had been shot to ribbons in Culiacán, big doper city in Sinaloa, in the northwest of Mexico. Chapo's one of the biggest of the big-dog dope dealers in the republic.

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