Saturday, April 12, 2008


While we fret over oil, another liquid is even more precious to life and is likewise running low. That would be water, of course, and the lack of it will be felt more and more as America pursues growth in places that shouldn't be growing -- Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, El Paso, Los Angeles, Denver, like that. An economist named David Zetland has a blog,, that is devoted to the topic. In general, I feel that economists are one of the plagues of modern life, but there's a lot of fascinating stuff on this site. [Guy should have married an English major, so his posts would get vetted for usage and spelling before they go up.] Watch for San Antonio to grab up Guadalupe River water to put on the golf courses and lawns.


David Zetland said...

My spelling sucks, but I consider it the cost of a Montessori education. (I also have trouble with putting comments -- too many perhaps -- in parentheses -- with lots of dashes...and ellipses ;)

The Loon said...

I grew up on the dry side of the 98th meridian and lived through the drought of the 50s, so I have a strong awareness of water and how much we waste. [I love your blog; the spelling quibble was parenthetical. {I used to do a lot of stuff in parentheses, but a journalism prof broke me of it.(Anyway, blog style is anydamnthing you want.)}] Anytime the likes of the Bass brothers and Boone Pickens take an interest in something, as they have with water, you can bet it's gonna get dearer. Keep it up.