Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little things I've liked lately [in a horrified way]

A writer complaining in the World's Worst Newspaper about 'eye sours' in El Paso. That's actually poetic, though I'm not certain it's what the writer was reaching for.
Late addition, from a border Web site: "... you were faberglasted by this statement ..."
A decedent in the Vicad obits described as a 'jack of all traits.'
Another decedent in the same place whose survivors included 'his fiancée of 17 years.' Talk about long engagements ...
And a poster on a Cali board mentioning 'selfasteam,' just so, all one word. No doubt written by a product of California public schools, which concern themselves much with self-esteem and little with literacy.
Fellow Romans, the barbarians overwhelm us. If you don't believe it, just flick down the channels on your TV, sound off, and seriously consider the images you see on that screen.

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