Sunday, April 20, 2008

**Adrift flora

We have amaryllis [bottom pic] in the front yard that just sits around 50 weeks of the year being green, but then for a couple weeks in the spring it busts out all over in red and white glory. Some of the other flowers last longer, but nothing works as hard when it is working.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Beautiful flora and fauna, Mr. Loon. The flowers this year seem especially gorgeous, thanks to the rain earlier in the year - the same rain we have seen neither hide nor hair of here lately. My grandmother's Easter lilies bloomed right on time this year with their best blood-red display yet. I noticed a lantana among your flora; I have a yellowish-orange one that has been begging me to transplant it. If I don't soon, I fear it will take revenge on me and up and die. Plants will do that, you know - break your heart. Our jasmines this year are so sweetly fragrant you would swear the air was perfumed by angels this month. Ah, spring. Thanx for a smile.

The Loon said...

I walk the pup down the city utility easement between lots. Where the old Lafitte Hotel stood there were first citrus blooming and then chinaberry. I would have to stop and sniff the air when I went that way. The smell was so sweet it just stopped me dead in the path. Dog got impatient; she wanted dead hardheads or crabs -- something more to her idea of good smells. We could use some rain lest we be driven to watering so early in the season.