Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oil up

A little bit ago, we were all exercised about oil at $100/bbl. That's so last week.
April 9 (Bloomberg) -- Oil rose more than $2 a barrel, after touching a record $112.21, and gasoline jumped to the highest ever following an unexpected decline in U.S. crude supplies.

Story says gasoline prices are following the crude-oil price on up. Read the whole story here. Makes you think twice about a trip to town, dunnit? You just don't want to spend six or eight bucks to pick up a half gallon of milk.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

What's really sad is that 6 or 8 dollar trip is to pick up a 6 or 8 dollar gallon of milk! Those high gas prices are trickling down and invading every fiber of our day-to-day lives. *SIGH*