Monday, April 7, 2008

They don't need no stinking warrants

The Mexican president has recently sent thousands of Mexican federal police and soldiers to Cd. Juárez to contest with narcos for control of the city. Apparently, the govt guys decided to deal a little misery to an PRD opponent of the current regime. Lady activists are easier arrests than dopers with full-automatic weapons.
Cipriana Jurado, a prominent Ciudad Juarez women’s rights activist, is now free after posting a $700 bond. The director of the Worker Research and Solidarity Center, Jurado was arrested by Mexican federal police outside her home on Wednesday, April 2. The veteran activist was charged with blocking a public roadway during an October 2005 protest sponsored by the binational Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice and other organizations at one of the international bridges that link Ciudad Juarez with El Paso, Texas.

The story comes from a Website, Newspaper Tree, a dandy source of border news. Blocking bridges is a favorite tactic along the border, as it really gets attention in a hurry.

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