Thursday, April 3, 2008

More newspaper G&D

The downward spiral of the newspaper business just seems to swirl ever faster. Here in **Adrift, we've apparently lost any chance to buy any major metro paper. A Monday inquiry for the NYT at a Victoria Starbucks seems to indicate that that experiment is gone. Barista there told my wife they didn't get the paper. I don't know if the Times is still available in Rockport, but with gas at $3+/gal we won't be making that run for a paper. A March 17 posting on read:
A study released Monday by the Project for Excellence in Journalism raises concerns the bottom is about to drop out for the industry. The media research specialist says in its annual State of the News Media report that already ill newspapers got sicker in 2007 with no hope for a cure in 2008.

Read it all here ... or spare yourself. Papers all over the country are laying off and buying out. A simple-minded segment of America believes that blogs are a real replacement for papers, but most blogs just glean copy from newspapers and synthesize it and link to it. If there are no papers to kite from, there won't be anything to post.

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