Saturday, January 12, 2008

That's a wrap

Airports have some singularity, some defining characteristics. There is a certain sameness but also some idiosyncracies that distinguish different places. I can remember flying through DFW in the early 70s and being one of the weirdest-looking people in the place, and I really, truly wasn't a particularly freaky guy for the time and place. It's just that DFW was full of the damnedest stiffs ever congregated in one place. A strange thing about Ezeiza, the Bs.As. airport: they have concessions before check-in where you can have your suitcases wrapped in plastic film, Saran stuff. They put the bag on a rotating platform and some tens of yards of film go around the bag. This would obviously make it pretty hard to pilfer from the bag unless you were willing to unravel the film or cut it. The jarring thing about this service is that the people who use it are the locals. I saw no tourists getting their bags Saraned, but many Argentines were cocooning their luggage. Guess that tells you how the folks there rate security in the baggage-handling area. I've never seen that service anywhere else, though it may well be common all over South America.

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