Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[Choke, sniffle]

Hillary did a little emotional moment yesterday, all about how she's doing all this because she just feels so personally obliged to. My primo opined that a close examination of the outburst revealed a rehearsed quality. I opined that when Hillary breathes in and out it's a rehearsed action, that some consultant pointed out to her that humans do that and she should also. It's fascinating to watch her smug sense of her inevitability collapse and a delight to read that that her campaign warchest, the one that all the hotshots kept telling us made her invincible, is running dry as people jump ship for the next inevitable thing. Hillary is left to sulk over how she maybe won't be appointed hall monitor, despite the fact that she's the smartest girl in class and really, really knows what to tell the rest of us to do. Come on Edwards! I'll waste the evening watching news shows. I despise myself for it ...

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