Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More big road projects?

There's been a bit of hooha lately in the paper about proposed routes for the megamajormonster road project that will purportedly, someday, far in the future, decades from now, run up from Mexico, whence it will come bearing trailerloads of money for corporations and of illegal immigrants for the rest of us. Nobody has asked about what all those cars and trucks on that road are going to be running on. People just can't grasp the prickly nettle of rapidly disappearing oil supplies and the ever-more-costly petroleum that will come with the disappearance. There was a little side note in a TV news show this evening that six days of OPEC income would suffice to buy up all the extant stock of General Motors. The frat-boy-in-chief is waltzing around the Middle East holding hands with A-rab princes and waving a sword [he looked silly in a flight suit, but dancing around with a sword ... new nadirs of silliness], apparently in the hope that those people will pump more oil for us. It's kinda humiliating to see the president of this country shuffling his feet and begging from a bunch of gibbering savages. We're gonna run out of oil, folks, and have to change the way we live ... really change.
The world's biggest car maker, General Motors, believes the global oil supply has peaked and a switch to electric cars is inevitable.

You can read GM's hopes and dreams about that situation here. We'd do much better to start crash programs right now, tomorrow, to provide public transportation and alternative ways to move freight.

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