Tuesday, January 1, 2008


One of the most entertaining things afoot in a season of profoundly tiresome and evasive pols of both parties is our congressman, Ron Paul, and his insurgency attack for the R presidential nomination. The Big Boys of journalism mostly ignore him or dismiss him as a wackawacka, which he kinda is, but still ... One of the NYTimes blogs bobs a head in Paul's direction; comments are interesting.
The Comeback Kid of 2008? Sometimes a candidate doesn’t have to win the New Hampshire primary to get a boost out if it (ask Bill Clinton in 1992). Will the surprise of 2008 be Ron Paul and his rabid legion of online and offline fans ... ?

The whole thing is here. If Paul did no more than knock Giuliani out, he would deserve a Hero of the Republic commendation. Rudy's creepy. The blogs and forums are full of posts from people who love Paul for various reasons, many pretty good. Reasons, I mean. Paul supporters are prone to a large number of grammatical errors, ill-chosen words, and garbled syntax. Just an observation, not a condemnation.

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