Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes, you can [or maybe not]

A lift from Joanne Jacobs, who found it somewhere else, a nice little jab at the half-baked idea that everyone is capable of anything.

Remember: Half of the population is of below average intelligence.


Edith Ann said...


This wass hilarious!

Sugar Magnolia said...

See, I always knew! I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

Forgive me now, no time to chat. I have a triathlon to participate in (I mean win), then a meeting with the President AND the Queen so they can receive my plan for world peace in 4 short days, and THEN I will travel to Harvard to give them my plans for building an intergalactic ship that travels twice the speed of sound while using hamsters in running wheels as its only source of power; after which I will join Daniel Radcliffe for a bit of an Irish Jig/Calligraphy session.


Now where's my award?