Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ah, Newtie

Like a logorrhetic zombie, Newt Gingrich keeps on walking and talking. Someone wisecracked that Gingrich is the stupid person's idea of a smart person. One of his sillier ideas expressed is that we can somehow magically produce enough oil in this country to replace the petroleum we import.
Sometimes when I am threatened by rare sensations of optimism, I go to The Oil Drum, one of the best sites on the Webz for professionals' take on the petroleum situation in the world. Re Gingrich, Oil Drum says
During the CNN Republican presidential debate Tuesday, November 23, Newt Gingrich made statements about U.S. potential oil supply that reveal either total ignorance of energy or supremely dangerous demagoguery. He stated that the United States could discover and produce enough oil in 2012 to cause a worldwide oil price collapse.

Read it all here. There is no drill baby, drill possible in this world. The Oil Drum merits respectful study; those folks know a thing or two about oil, and they're not optimistic about the whole deal.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Yep. And now you've touched on a subject dad and I "discuss" often. Okay, argue, really. He, a petrol man, may not be able to argue (because as stubborn as dad is, he's not delusional) that we will hit a motherlode in the future ala Newt's vision, but he does firmly believe that oil is THE only hope for us. I just don't buy that. We as a planet MUST get off the teat of fossil fuels. They are NOT an infinite source. We WILL deplete them. Besides rape and destroy our very own planet getting to them. We MUST be smarter than that. Nuclear fission, hydrogen fuel cells, that is MY vision of the future. Dad argues they will never be perfected nor feasible. And as little faith as I have in Homo sapien, for some reason, I believe that we CAN do this. Or maybe it's mostly because I believe we have little choice. We either have to get smarter or die. Then I suppose we will be fossil fuel for whatever poor hapless idiotic species replaces us, poor saps.

I wonder if the dinosaurs ever had such conversations?

Thanks for the link. I'll have to show dad. Then we'll make a trip to the HMNS to see the hydrogen fuel cell they have displayed and info about the prototype Toyota of the future with one.....fascinating.

Kellybee said...

Yep, Newtie just might be the Cliff Klavin of American politics...full of dubious knowledge that only impresses the Woodys of the world.