Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skipping to politics

A BBC columnist has a cogent piece on the Iowa caucuses:
A leading Republican, who was in Congress for more than 10 years, answered my question: "Who can beat Obama?" with a casual, "a mammal". Then he added sadly: "But they are all reptiles."

Read the whole thing here. Always interesting to get the cousins' take on our peculiar politics.
I'm not certain I can bear months and months of this arrant silliness. Perhaps I can pick up my SS cks in Ecuador or Argentina. It's funny as hell to watch the big-time press boys not talking about Ron Paul. They are upset with him because of his dangerous, extremist ideas: dismember the empire, bring troops home, throttle the crony capitalists, audit the fed. Clearly a nutcase. Of all the R candidates, the only ones who seem to me personally amiable are Jon Huntsman and ol' Ron, perhaps the only gentleman extant in politics in either party.


Pilot said...

I'd like to think that that one gentleman in the bunch, is going to pump up his recognition factor tonight. As for the media's hands off policy toward him, that might just be a blessing in disguise. Not having to spend his time talking to twit journalists with an agenda, will free up more time for him to make his case before the voters. Fingers crossed tonight.

The Loon said...

Well, hell, ran third by a short head, but did a wonderfully Paulian speech. I'm not sure he should be president, but he needs to be in the primary process because people need to hear some of the things he says.