Sunday, January 15, 2012

More piling on in the war on Alfalfa

Alfalfa, Mrs. Alfalfa, and the Alfalfa sprouts took a road trip. He blogged about it in the Vicad and ran the blog entry in print. They lived dangerously and went to strange and exotic places. He reports, '… We cruised along the 80 mph speed limit of West Texas and arrived the first night in El Paso in fine fashion. We had a pleasant dinner at the nearby Macaroni Grill …' The Macaroni Grill!!?? That's the place to eat in El Paso, one of the best Mexican-food towns in the U.S.? You can drive five blocks in any direction and encounter a joint serving Mexican food better than anyone in Victoria has any hope of ever eating, and they ate at the Macaroni Grill? Tsk, tsk.
I feel a little bad about taking little jabs at the Vicad when the whole world has risen up to smite them. A friend forwards this blog, devoted to what appears to be a sea war on the paper.
It's amazing for a paper to elicit such venom from their readership. Pore ole Advocate.


Manfred VonPrien said...

And so richly deserved, might I add.

Living dangerously, Cobler, You bet, and I gave him ample opportunity to quit this. After deleting 13 of my on topic comments in 5 days, then enlisting his master hit reporter Platerpuss and her minions to verbally joust with me only to leave me deleted in cyberspace, and telling me basically to ride on.

I informed him the other day that he needs to rev up his Google engine, 'cause man o' man the race is on.

As far as the Dreadnaughts go, it's more iconic symbolism,so there's BB-39, U.S.S. Arizona, breeches packed tight and ready to fight this clown, land, sea.

Manfred VonPrien said...

Before I ride off, I really have no beef with the paper, and truly like the McHaneys, for the record.

It's Alfalfa,and only Alfalfa.

Nice blog.

Pilot said...

Alfalfa indeed. Best analogy or characterization of him yet! What's this about war on the Vicad? Where does one enlist? Is being banned three times and having a half dozen new identities discovered and banned worthy of something above seaman status? Hell, one time I was "permanently banned" while online with them in their morning video circle jerk. Gabe took exception to my "how 'bout them Cowboys", after a particularly bad Sunday for Jerry's Kids, and he banned me permanently in mid-discussion. Gabe seems like a good guy, so I was happy to see him recognize the sound of taking on water, and jump ship. I'd say that it was amazing how many have attacked the Vicad, except I am not as amazed. I think such a drastic retooling and erosion in the quality of the paper, actually caused the cyber revolt in progress, and I think it will be successful in overthrowing Alfalfa. We'll just have to hide and watch to see what happens when that happens, but it has to be better. (Damn sure couldn't be any worse and still be going to press).