Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wow! Nature kicks up

That ferocious front came blasting through about 4 this morning, violently enough to wake sound sleepers and scare timid dogs. This tree is an old hackberry that formerly lived in the front yard of the house just across the street. Fortunately it missed the house and all wires. Not all the wires in town were missed; we were without elec from around 4 until 10:30 this morning. Streets were full of people driving around and looking at damage. Our neighbors' tree was about the most dramatic damage in town, but a mess down by the harbor had the AEP troops out and working on downed power poles. Also, a tin roof blew over onto a shrimp boat.

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Edith Ann said...

I haven't been out yet around Victoria, but I have been reading the DPS damage reports on the Weather Underground.

Sounds like Southeast of Victoria may have been hard hit. Sounds like you escaped damage, but being without power is a pain!

For what it's worth, I slept through the whole thing. Missed it all...

I guess that's a good thing.