Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again

Herself went out to Junction on a genealogical pilgrimage last week and then drove on in to San Antonio, where I met her. The deal was a little bit celebration of her birthday – she's now caught up to me in age – and little bit babysitting while The Girl did some of that mysterious business she does, telling people about their insurance policies.
To entertain the baby, we went to the big snake-and-creepies exhibition at the Children's Museum in downtown SA, as the little one's generally besotted with snakes. She was a little off her form, being in the grip of one of those dreary infections that babies get, but she nonetheless had a good time, as did we. That's our Lily in the pink coat.

The little kids in attendance were mostly dead game sports about the herps and arachnids. That tiny little thing in the polka-dot dress was much taken with it all. Note the left thumb on the guy holding the tarantula. It stops one joint sooner than yours and mine. He got bit by a snake and lost the end of his thumb. Happily, he remains one of those engaging herp-happy people and was great with the kids, too. I liked the Australian blue-tongued skink for having a very blue tongue.


Rebecca said...

Cute kids!

I remember my little cousin boasting to the family that, "All you have to do to catch a rattlesnake is grab it behind it's head so that it can't bite you." He needed to meet the man holding the tarantula!

Edith Ann said...

Too cute! Creepy, gross and icky, but cute!

Sugar Magnolia said...

You always write about the coolest things! Loved this post. Almost as much as the little ones loved a neat little zoology lesson!