Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nyah Nyah, Vicad

Well, the Vicad's accumulated enough nyah-nyah points to merit a mention. Lots of newspapers have some sort of consumer editor who rights wrongs and goes after miscreants who take advantage of the public. Couple of weeks ago the evildoer was some cosmetologist type who'd shaved off half a customer's eyebrow. It'll grow back in a couple weeks. Annoying, but hardly malfeasance.
Then today they had a woman who'd been overcharged by the price of one taco. I didn't follow either story to the end, just not worth it, but in my experience any vendor will make good on something like a tiny overcharge.
Then a huge amount of territory on today's Page 1 and jump was the obit of a recently deceased Victorian. I didn't know the guy, and maybe he was such an exemplary car salesman that he deserved all the ink. Yeah, yeah, I know, any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind, but somehow I never made it to the end of this one, either. Maybe I'm just not the ideal reader, or maybe the Advocate's not the ideal paper. Clearly one of us is painfully flawed.

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Edith Ann said...

Maybe Gabe Semenza should be forced to watch endless reruns of Marvin Zindler or the KSAT folks out of San Antonio so he would have an idea of what a watchdog reporter does.

The woman probably bought the tacos at Las Palmas Restaurant. they are notorius for over charging folks. But, everyone in town knows that!

But, watchdog? Not even a little yappy chihuahua!